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18 Apr

About this Campaign

Beattie Elementary is in need of updating the document cameras in the classrooms.  The current document cameras will soon be outdated making it increasingly difficult to connect to the newly installed computers and projectors.   

Document cameras are connected to the wall-mounted projectors to display a document or tools that are being used in the classroom.  The document camera provides a visual model for students to follow during the instruction. This provides a way for students to view the teacher to model the work using the same paper document or tools the student is using. Teachers can project books as they read. Students can show their work to the class.  This allows for greater discussion and maintains student attention by projecting the image on a large screen. Teachers are able to face and not have their backs to the classroom when using the document camera. Requesting $1,426 plus cost reimbursement.

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Rusty Divine $100
Rusty Divine $100