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27 Aug

About this Campaign

Culler Middle School is an incredibly diverse community that serves students from many different countries and backgrounds. The teachers in this building are dedicated to providing equitable education for ALL students and ALL learning styles. After conducting a learning style assessment inventory, I found that many of my students are auditory learners. I believe this stems not only from having many students who are English language learners, but also from students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, both socially and economically.

We are incredibly lucky to have an amazing new (and free!) online textbook in our sixth grade science classrooms. This e-book has embedded videos and many oral options for students struggling to understand the language and comprehend the reading. However, many students do not have, or cannot afford, to bring earbuds or headphones to take advantage of these options.

Your donation will help the students in my class -- students who are growing into excited and budding young scientists -- access these e-book resources in the classroom without disrupting their peers or putting their families through financial strain. I believe with the additional access to these great auditory functions, our students who struggle with language and reading can benefit greatly! Please consider donating to our wonderful Culler science 6 students! Requesting $600 plus cost reimbursement.