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Ended Friday, April 26th, 2019 at 3:42 PM

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26 Nov

About this Campaign

If you were to ask someone what they thought of when you said, “percussion,” chances are their first thought would be drummers on drum sets. If they found out that you were connected with LPS and that you offered a percussion class, they’d assume you teach kids to play drum set. This is our opportunity to teach our students a skill that they desire and that they can use after their high school instrumental music careers. Previously, drum set instruction was prohibited by the logistical nightmare of multiple kids playing drum sets at once and the space and cost-prohibitive nature of electronic drum sets. Now is the time to explore the future of percussion education utilizing advances in electronic drum sets that make them cheaper, smarter and perfect for a new generation of drummers. Your gifts will purchase the drum sets, hardware, and software necessary to teach, record, assess and allow free student practice on state of the art percussion technology. With your help, percussion curriculum can meet the 21st century where the formal, classical concert percussion repertoire can meet the vast, progressive and diverse percussion vision of the future where drum set is king. Requesting $6139 plus cost reimbursement. 

Donation History

Patti and Bill Brown $500
Patti and Bill Brown $500