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About this Campaign

Two 8th grade business classes at Schoo Middle School will be participating in the Stock Market Game, sponsored by the Nebraska Council on Economic Education.  This online game, running from January 14 - April 12,  allows students to learn about finance and investing for the future.  Students will participate in teams of three studying stocks listed on the NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange, collaborating and communicating about the best businesses to invest their $100,000 (play money) for profit.  Throughout the game students learn about economics in the US, the impact consumer and financial decision-making can have on our market economy, the importance of budgeting their money, and practice the basic math skills they have learned over the years.  

Schoo Middle School has two 8th grade business classes; one with 28 students and the other with 26.  The classes will be divided into teams of three.  Each team cast $10 to play the game.  We will need a total of $190 for the two classes to play the game. Requesting $190.00 plus cost reimbursement .

Thank you for your support.

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Robert and Billie Bussmann $216
Robert and Billie Bussmann $216