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16 Sep

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Our Differentiated Language Arts class reads a lot of books! It is not easy to find a class set of books, so we can all read the same book at the same time. That is why I am asking for a class set of five different books. Each of these books is about a student the same age as our students, and in each book the main character faces a problem.  This gives students a chance to see inside the mind of a student who is their same age. The book may give them insight into another person's life, or maybe it will make them think, "This character is just like me! I have those same feelings!" Students read the books with their classmates and then talk about their reactions. It is my hope the students start to see the world differently and become more empathic toward others whose life may or may not be different than their own. Requesting $875 plus cost reimbursement.

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