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Ended Tuesday, November 24th, 2020 at 4:16 PM

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2 Nov

About this Campaign

STEM is the approach to learning which integrates  science, technology, engineering and math.   Jobs in STEM fields are growing as technology advances and are providing workers with more than a livable wage.  In order to prepare our scholars for this field we need to provide our Kindergarteners with opportunities to engage in STEM activities.   Working in a title 1 school, many of our scholars do not have access to STEM activities at home, but this opportunity would allow them to break through a cycle of poverty through a job in the world of STEM.   As a Kindergarten Team we believe it's our responsibility to begin closing this gap by providing opportunities that will develop their skills in problem solving, creativity, communication, teamwork and independent thinking as an investment in their future.  

One of the benefits of STEM is its role in the acquisition of language.  We will use the tools we are requesting collaboratively with students to encourage them to talk about ideas and write their observations.  60% of our Kindergarten students are English Language Learners with up to 6 different home languages spoken in our classrooms.  These activities will allow our ELL student population to participate because they do not require a broad vocabulary, which will ensure equitable  opportunity for all students.     

STEM skills lay the foundation for future academic success because they are transferable to other subjects.  

To be able to provide these opportunities in all 3 of our Kindergarten classrooms we are asking for funding for the following items (requesting $950 plus cost reimbursement):

  • 2 Osmo per classrooms
  • 1  set of Snap Circuit per classroom
  • 1 set of Lego Creative Brick Box per classroom
  • 1 set of STEM Block Bar per classroom
  • 1 set of Magna Tiles per classroom 

Thank you for considering this investment in our Kindergarten scholars future.


Clinton Kindergarten Team  

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