100% Funded

Ended Saturday, February 27th, 2021 at 11:14 PM

Total Donation Goal $1,140 $1,200.00 Funded

This campaign has ended and has been fully funded. If you made a donation, thank you.

10 Feb

About this Campaign

Park Middle School promotes positive student behaviors by recognizing students who demonstrate outstanding behavior. These students earn panther paws which are given to students by staff. Students may use those panther paws at our school store to purchase small prizes.

We are looking for donations to help purchase these prizes. All Park Middle School students are eligible and receive panther paws and all are able to redeem them at the store. These prizes help promote the behaviors we want to see in our young men and women and develop the social skills they will need to be successful in High School and beyond.

Donation History

Dr. Steve and Judy Krueger $1,200
Dr. Steve and Judy Krueger $1,200