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8 Oct

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So much of learning in the arts occurs with teacher modeling and students imitating the example. Playing with good intonation is one of the most challenging concepts for teachers and students alike to develop in the classroom. Technology to the rescue!

The Southeast Band Program would like to purchase a piece of instructional technology that will help students develop their ears and intonation. This device, the Yamaha Harmony Director, helps students gain a deeper understanding of harmony through audiation and performance on their instrument. Examples of capabilities with the device include: demonstrating the differences between just and equal temperament, how to adjust specific pitches within chords to get them to sound good (lowering the 3rd note of a major chord and raising the 5th, for example) as well as many other capabilities.

This device is not new to the band world and many successful band programs throughout the country rely heavily on it throughout their curriculum. Our goal is to further-enrich our curriculum while increasing our students' level of understanding and performance as it relates to harmony. Thank you for considering a gift to our cause! Requesting $1,000 plus cost reimbursement.