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11 Jul

About this Campaign

This project helps support Clinton’s mission: High expectations for every child to succeed in our changing world.

Clinton is a Title I school where 95% of our students qualify for free and reduced lunch. We have a diverse population of students. 42% are Middle Eastern/White, 25% are Black/African American, 24% are Hispanic/Latino, 8% are Two or More Race and 1% are American Indian.

Through this Fund a Need, your gift will help provide a T-shirt for each and every scholar who attends Clinton Elementary School.

By providing a Clinton T-shirt to each and every scholar, we will foster a sense of belonging, empowerment, and community. Clinton scholar T-shirts will have the same design as the Clinton staff shirts. The shirt will include our Clinton logo with our school colors and the word scholar on the back. We designate theme days to promote and support a positive school culture and show our Clinton pride where all scholars and staff will wear matching shirts. Scholars will also have the opportunity to wear their shirts at monthly award ceremonies, academic celebrations, and school-wide events.

It is important for each and every scholar to see themselves as a vital part of the school community. We commit to positioning scholars as capable and believe that each and every scholar is capable of learning and doing grade level work. Through providing shirts to all scholars, we will be able to build culture to promote academic achievement, by having high expectations for every scholar to foster a sense of belonging. Providing a T-shirt to each and every scholar would ensure equitable access for all to participate. Requesting $3,300 plus cost reimbursement.

Our school theme this year is: Clinton Comets Soaring to Success! By donating to this campaign you will help us live that theme.

Thank you for your consideration,

Clinton Comets 

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Sabrina and Mark Knuth $50
Anonymous $500
Alyssa Cullinan $100
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Sabrina and Mark Knuth $50
Lana Daws $50
Mary Nickels $30
Joel Ruiz $25