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1 Aug

About this Campaign

At East High School, we promote positive behaviors through a system called MTSS-B that emphasizes the importance of a ratio of at least 4:1 positive to corrective recognition (meaning a student is given positive recognition by a teacher four times more often than they are given negative recognition).

We have several different tiers of support within that program to reach every student. Our mantra is "All Means All" to remind us that each student needs and is worthy of positive attention and support systems.

We have several projects within these tiers that help promote positive behaviors in the students and provide recognition. Our recognition items include small prizes that helps reward students for their positive behavior. We are requesting $2,000 plus cost reimbursement.

Building a strong community is very important as a tenet of student success, and it further increases enthusiasm for our recognition system. We greatly appreciate and thank you for any help or assistance you can offer. Our students thank you, too, for helping them build the foundation for their future as members of a respectful community.

Donation History

Jessica Erstad $100
Anonymous $25
Jessica Erstad $100
Anonymous $25