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12 Oct

About this Campaign

Since its creation in the spring of 2021, Spartan eSports has quickly become one of the largest clubs at Lincoln East, with 45 active members. Our purpose as a club is as follows:

  • Students are provided the opportunity to compete and grow in a positive environment
  • Students are able to practice and hone their skills in problem-solving, working within the context of a team, to represent East High School through a variety of eSports.
  • Students are able to participate in building a cooperative and creative community where individuality and uniqueness are valued and accepted.

To equitably fulfill our purpose for all students in our club, we are in need of the following equipment:

  • Keyboards and mice for full five-player varsity and junior varsity teams 
  • Controllers (gamepads) for full three-player varsity and junior varsity teams.
  • Headsets for team communication.
  • Nintendo Switch docks for students to bring their own consoles to school
  • High-speed mobile hotspot to connect Nintendo Switches

Requesting $2,500 plus cost reimbursement.

For more information please contact coaches Ben Herbel (bherbel2@lps.org) or Dylan Kitchen (dkitche2@lps.org)