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10 Apr

About this Campaign

Teaching high school (especially mathematics) has proved more challenging than ever to engage and support our students. With technology, social isolation from the pandemic, trauma, and other challenges our students are tackling, it makes learning math from a traditional classroom very difficult.

Many students do not see the value in learning, especially learning math. As a subject I enjoyed so much growing up, I hope to bring back the fun of this subject.

This need is mostly items for my mathematics classroom that will help create the learning environment I desire. Items include a Polaroid camera to document our time in the math classroom on a mural  so that students take ownership over their learning. Other items include fidgets, stress balls, sensory objects, and unique chairs for students who have trouble focusing and engaging.

To encourage social communication and collaboration, a few ice breakers were included to help students feel comfortable with one another. All of these items for purchase are aimed to help students not only feel comfortable and welcome in the math classroom, but also excited to engage and learn again. A few items are aimed at exciting students about math through hands on exploration and discovery. Requesting $643 plus cost reimbursement.

I hope to give students a voice and let them help design what our learning experience will look like. Thank you for your consideration!

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