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Positive Recognition
Monthly Culler-brations
At Culler Middle School, we promote a positive school culture in a lot of meaningful ways. One of the most important is the use of positive specific praise. This helps students learn what positive behaviors add to their success. We strive for students to hear four times the number of positives than corrections. We need your help to achieve our goal in sustaining our acknowledgement system..
Adding to our positive school culture is the interactions amongst a highly culturally diverse community. This diversity includes languages with more than 35 countries represented. Adding to our diversity is ability and economically: 11% of our students are identified as gifted, 23% are students served by Special Education and 77% of our students qualify for free and reduced lunch. We learn in a dynamic community with lots of diversity. Positive specific praise helps everyone to achieve more.
Positive specific praise is one element of our total acknowledgement system. We recognize student achievement in a variety of ways from commonplace to extraordinary. Monthly we host our Culler-bration. All eligible students will gather for 20-30 minutes to celebrate their accomplishments. Students will have the opportunity to share with others how they met their goals and create a plan for success for the next month. Along with goal setting, the students also share a food treat, get certificates, and tangible items like extra school supplies. We need your help with these aspects of the acknowledgement system. Our recognition items include small prizes that help reward students for their positive behavior and larger prizes that promote community pride at the monthly Culler-bration. We are requesting $1,000 plus cost reimbursement.
At the end of August this school year, the students who participated in Culler-bration were responsible for being on time to class every single period and having cell phones away. At the celebration they were able to enjoy a shaved ice treat. We set monthly goals around improved grades, attendance, and positive behavior.
Building a strong community is very important as a tenet of student success, and it further increases enthusiasm for our recognition system. We greatly appreciate and thank you for any help or assistance you can offer. Our students thank you, too, for helping them build the foundation for their future as members of a respectful community.

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Jerri Spellman $50
Jerri Spellman $50