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Ended Wednesday, December 13th, 2023 at 8:14 PM

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27 Oct

About this Campaign

I am reaching out on behalf of the MTSS Acknowledgement committee of Schoo regarding funding for one of our services. As we aim for our objective of acknowledging the success of students we intend to continue offer students clothing to celebrate being acknowledged as "Student of the Month". We have noticed this to be a great success and motivation for our students. Since it has become such a valuable experience for the students who are acknowledged, we hope to maintain this experience.

To achieve this we require monetary aid to have enough sizes for our students. Ensuring that our students are recognized for their hard work is important. To support and make sure that all of our students have comfortable options for their shirts, we will need to order more of specific sizes each. All costs will go directly to the support, acknowledgement, and growth of our students. Requesting $435.00 plus cost reimbursement.

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