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Ends Wednesday, July 31st, 2024 at 6:00 PM

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28 Feb

About this Campaign

Brownell Elementary, a Title I school in Northeast Lincoln with 342 students, currently has one water bottle filling station near 5 of our 17 classrooms. We aim to enhance hydration accessibility by installing a station on our second floor, centrally located for the majority of classrooms. Seeking $1,200 in funds for installation, we envision improved water intake for students and staff, aligning with our school's hydration goals. Additionally, we seek $800 to provide every student with a Brownell logo water bottle to celebrate this initiative. Your donation would greatly contribute to achieving our nutritional objectives at Brownell. Please consider supporting our cause. Requesting $2,000 total plus cost reimbursement. 

Donation History

Village Foundation $200
Village Foundation $200