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15 May

About this Campaign

HelloI My name is Kaylin Gardner and I teach K-5 General Music and direct the 4th and 5th grade choirs at Arnold Elementary.

During the school year many musical opportunities come up for students, and many are unable to afford to go or purchase the needs to attend the experience. These funds would purchase, aid, and assist students in...

- Attending the 2024 Nebraska Music Educator's Orff Ensemble. Cost is around $72 per student. I will have 3-5 students attending. 

- Money for the Arnold Music T-Shirts. Every student in Band, Choir, and Strings have a t-shirt to purchase to wear for concerts. This money would go to student shirts who need scholarships. On average, this is 10-15 shirts at $10 each. 

- Small Flashlights for a concert. We will be doing a piece called "Lightning", and would need flashlights to add visual effects. I would need approximately 60 flashlights and AAA batteries for them. 

- Music called "Pop Rounds for Choir" by Roger Emerson. As my older students and choir students learn to sing two part music, these pop songs arranged in rounds would be incredibly engaging and fun for my students to sing. These can also be used in a performance setting as well. I would need around 40 copies of the book, plus audio tracks. This would benefit all students in grades 3-5. 

Requesting $800 plus cost reimbursement. 

Thank you so much for your consideration and unwavering support!


Kaylin Gardner

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Brent Hardin $200
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Brent Hardin $200
Jessica Price $25