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Park Middle School, built in 1891, is located in the heart of Lincoln, Nebraska. Park was originally home to Park Elementary and in 1991 was remodeled and transformed into Park Middle School. The school is surrounded by a proud and dedicated community and continues to be a school of great pride and beauty. Park shares the city block with Cooper Park, Lincoln’s first city park. This 11.52 acre park was established around 1877 and provides a center point for community activities and events. As a Title I school, around 80% of our student population either qualifies, or is currently receiving, free and reduced lunch. The teachers and staff at Park are passionate about providing quality education and an all around equitable experience for ALL students.

Through the help of your donations, Park Middle School is helping to support and celebrate approximately 75 hard working teachers and an additional 20 staff members throughout the year and on "Teacher Appreciation Day" through incentives such as small prizes and snack foods. These prizes are supporting a positive work environment, as well as promoting an appreciation for our teachers and staff. Requesting $1,000 plus cost reimbursement.