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11 Aug

About this Campaign

Each year kindergarten students walk from Elliott Elementary School to the Lincoln Children's Zoo. Last school year, as a community service gesture, fifth graders accompanied kindergarten students on their walk to the zoo. When the zoo trip had ended, fifth graders walked back to the zoo to provide kindergarten students a hand to hold on the return trip.

The partnership was lovely and so very helpful to kindergarten teachers. This year we would like fifth grade students to remain with kindergarten students for the duration of the zoo visit. Not only will the opportunity provide a rich service, leadership and community experience, but it would also enhance science and literacy connections for fifth grade students. The literacy connections will be especially strong in the final unit of the year, which is perfect timing for the partnering experience.

The cost for the experience is limited to the admission fee of $8.95, for an estimated 55 students. There are no other funding sources available to us for this experience.

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Dillon Foundation $562
Dillon Foundation $562