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14 Nov

About this Campaign

Over the years, the Prescott after-school club program has been offering excellent arts education for students in the areas of: theater, music and visual arts. These learning opportunities were possible through partnering with Nebraska Arts Council, Lincoln Arts Council and  private donors.

As a Community Learning Center, Prescott receives funding for supplies as well as providers, however with numerous opportunities offered during the first school semester, both in the areas of academic and enrichment, we are unable to financially support Prescott Panthers Take the Lied program during the second school semester. We are reaching out to you in hopes that you will consider supporting this program.

Through this program, we would like to expose 15 students, grades third, fourth and fifth, beyond the classroom, to live performances of the highest caliber. Attending Lied Center for Performing Arts programs, Snarky Puppy (02.23.18) and Hubbard Street Dance Chicago (04.03.18), will develop a more sophisticated way to experience the arts and inspire continued growth in each student's journey. Students will be prepared with three pre-concert sessions for each show, led by our teaching artist. Terminology and preparatory excerpts will be studied. There will be also a "debriefing" post-performance session following up each performance to discuss relevant points from the performance and to encourage deeper reflection.

To support this program we will also reach out to Nebraska Arts Council and write a School Bus Grant Proposal that will cover the cost of tickets and transportation to Lied.

The projected budget, through fund-a-need , will cover the teaching artist fees with seven sessions working directly with the students and four hours of planning We hope that you will consider supporting our program.

Thank you in advance.
Cristina Keen,
Prescott school community coordinator, 402-580-0195

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Jordan Buntgen $25
Jordan Buntgen $25