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Ended Monday, April 2nd, 2018 at 5:12 PM

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27 Nov

About this Campaign

Specdrums are a new technology where the user wears the Specdrum ring and taps any object to make a digital drum sound.  Tapping in different colors provide different sounds.  The user could play on provided color pallet, make their own, or just tap on any nearby object. 

These devices would allow Beattie's 400 students to interact with music and technology in a new and fun way, allowing each student the opportunity to improvise and create in a immediately successful way.  These devices would be wonderful for our students with special needs  that struggle with muscle control.  There is no wrong way to use these devices, and the success rate is 100%.  I want all students to feel the success and pride of creating their own music.  Thank you for considering assisting Beattie students!

Donation History

Susan Stuart $200
Susan Stuart $200