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30 Oct

About this Campaign

Our Second Grade students at Clinton Elementary are so excited for the district's new Music curriculum!  During their Music class with Mr. Cobb, the students get to take their music and rhythm learning and apply it in real life.  They also get to enrich this learning in their own classroom through technology!  Using their individual Chromebooks, students can access the Quaver curriculum online that they also use in Music class!  This is an awesome opportunity to build skills across curricular areas! 

The Quaver curriculum has amazing music that students can access, create, and listen to.  One consideration that has to be made, though, is how much use students' headphones get using this curriculum, in addition to their regular Chromebook work.   Classroom teachers can provide ear buds for students, but these don't last long and need replaced constantly.   By purchasing the district-recommended, over-the-head headphones, Second Graders can enjoy their new musical opportunity more often and more consistently!

Higher quality headphones will increase student engagement in our amazing new Music curriculum.  They will also provide reliability for students when using their Chromebooks for learning in all areas.  As a building, we will be able to assess the difference that these headphones make in students' access to learning and plan for future investments on a scale beyond Second Grade.  Furthermore, the purchase of these headphones will allow teachers to prioritize for other items and purchases needed in the classroom. Requesting $825.00 plus cost reimbursement.