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6 Nov

About this Campaign

Second grade uses an app called Seesaw on our classroom Chromebooks. Students can take pictures, record, and add work to their Seesaw journal. It is a great tool for students to turn in and share work with their teachers and it is also shared with their family members! It is a very unique way to show their learning!

We would love to have microphone headphones to allow better quality of sound when students are recording an explanation of their work or reading a passage on Seesaw. The microphone headphones will allow their voice to be captured without the background noise of the classroom. It will help teachers and family members to hear them clearly when they view their work on Seesaw. Students also listen to themselves to self-monitor how they are reading.

We also would like to add some rocker chairs in our classrooms. The rocker chairs will allow students to have movement while being safe and productive with their learning. Research is now confirming what many of us known intuitively: moderate movement can improve focus and concentration. Rockers combine gentle movement and flexible support to help children channel excess energy into classroom endeavors. Requesting $1,180 plus cost reimbursement.

Thank you for considering!!