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23 Aug

About this Campaign

I'm an art teacher at Hartley Elementary and I have the opportunity work with every single student in our building. There are many days where the students are full of energy and have not had the chance to release it through recess or PE. 

I have seen other teachers make use of various fidget objects in their classrooms with success. Since I see so many kids, 18 different classes, it can be challenging to have a fidget placed somewhere in my classroom only to then move it for the next class. It would be amazing to have every chair in my classroom hooked up with a fidget band to assist with focus, attention and to help my most active students.

This year I received some stretchy bands from our PE teacher and knotted them around the legs of all the art room chairs. The students enjoyed having something they could rest their feet against or move as they sat through their lesson with me. Sadly the rubber material I received couldn't withstand the kicks and pulls from our students, with many of them snapping in two.

I would love to get enough fidget bands for each chair in my classroom: 24 total. I would appreciate your help in getting this product for my classroom. Requesting $84 plus cost reimbursement.

Check out the fidget bands here!  Fidget Bands

Donation History

Kendall Myers $70
Patti O'Brien $25
Kendall Myers $70
Patti O'Brien $25