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15 Jan

About this Campaign

There is something about the night sky that just captures the imagination. This campaign provides students with a quality telescope that can track objects in the sky and is set up for astral-photography.  Your gifts will help students connect with nature in a way they can appreciate for the rest of their lives. Few of our students will grow up to be physicists or astronomers but they can ALL learn to appreciate the beauty of the night sky and this telescope will let them capture some of their favorite images and keep them forever. Requesting $1,800 plus cost reimbursement.

The specific telescope we are aiming for:

Celestron's Advanced VX 8-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope (SCT) delivers the "big scope experience" at the low end of the size and price ranges for large, sophisticated telescopes. With superb tracking and superior optics, this configuration is ready for serious visual observation and astrophotography. Compared to most "starter" telescopes and basic amateur telescopes, this instrument represents a step into a tier of instruments that require a significant investment of time and money. It will take you time to set up the sophisticated mount. It will require some delicious — but time-consuming — learning to understand what the scope can do and how it does it. And this telescope costs as much as a good-quality big-screen TV! But the universe will pay you back, many times over, in celestial trophies you really can't bag any other way.