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11 Sep

About this Campaign

We are requesting a set of 26 Alphabet Tubs for each of our Kindergarten classrooms. Each of the labeled tubs contain six, high quality, engaging, miniature items that begin with the designated letter. There are motivating and hard-to-find objects such as an igloo, x-ray, quilt and working yo-yo! Each tub also contains an example uppercase and lowercase letter.

Here is a link to the Sound Alphabet Tubs .

This year, in particular, due to wearing masks and because of social distancing, it will be imperative that each child experience letter sounds (phonemic and phonological awareness) in a variety of ways to ensure mastery. Kindergarten is a crucial year for children to acquire these skills that may have been introduced during preschool.

Our students were, sadly, unable to attend their final semester of preschool if they were enrolled.) It is our intent and desire to provide our students with the most opportunities possible to ensure their success. These Sound Alphabet Teaching Tubs would provide familiar items for our students to visualize and articulate. We know they would be very beneficial.

In future years, we would continue to share the tubs with the whole class but could also use them with individuals or pairs of students since the tubs have a self checking feature. During this year of additional expenses and budget cuts, we seek the assistance of our generous community.  

Requesting $589 plus cost reimbursement.

Thank you for your consideration and generosity.

Julie Metteer: Kindergarten Teacher, Morley Elementary