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9 Aug

About this Campaign

Hello! We are Abbi Newby and Eric Snyder, the directors of the Dymond Byte ensemble at Dawes Middle School.

The vision of this ensemble is to bring our band students and choir students together as one. The band accompanies the choir which in turn becomes our very own and very first "choir band."

In our first year, we had an excellent turnout. The students were pumped about this new concept and we had so much fun exploring new music and playing/singing together.

This year we look forward to round two of the Dymond Bytes! We are excited for more opportunities to perform for a live audience as well as potential travel to local schools and communities.

The students love being on stage but unfortunately, we are not equipped with the necessary equipment for a quality sound system. A quality sound system is essential to a music ensemble. Currently, we have bits and pieces of prior equipment which squeaks and does not consistently give us the proper sound and support the students need and deserve. (i.e microphones, mic stands, monitors, mixers, speakers, sound cords, etc.)

We have started this campaign in hopes that we can purchase a portable sound system that would support performance and travel starting with this upcoming school year. Requesting $7,800 plus cost reimbursement.

We appreciate you and are extremely grateful for your support. We look forward to sharing any outcome with our students! :)

Donation History

D F Dillon Foundation $2,000
D F Dillon Foundation $2,000