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12 Jul

About this Campaign

Band is an avenue for students to explore their passion for music. As teachers, our mission is to help eliminate barriers for students in their musical journey regardless of the financial situation at home. In many cases, this means providing a school instrument that is in good working order and will allow students to continue to progress when their own personal instrument is holding them back.

LSE needs quality trombones to help with this matter. While trombone is typically an instrument that students are expected to provide themselves (unlike tuba or larger percussion instruments), we often times have students come in with trombones that are a hindrance to their own progress. Acquiring these instruments would allow us to loan a quality instrument to a motivated student in need. Quality instruments would also benefit students who are considering an upgrade from their student model trombone; the ability to experience the difference in playability before making a financial commitment will be beneficial.

Thank you for considering a donation to music at LSE! Requesting $3,200 plus cost reimbursement.