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28 Feb

About this Campaign

Our third graders at Lakeview would love and appreciate the opportunity to celebrate their academic achievements with a trip to the Space Air Command and Aerospace Museum located in Ashland, Nebraska. We have had very few opportunities to attend field trips, therefore being able to tour the SAC museum will be a memorable experience for our third graders. 

Our trip to the SAC museum serves serval functions. Our new reading curriculum has a strong focus in astronomy during unit 8 where we learn about and take a deep dive into the solar system, Apollo 11, gravity, constellations, celestial bodies, and the international space station. During our science unit, we explored gravity. Being able to take a tour in the SAC museum would allow students to apply what they've learned in reading and science. 

For most of our students, this is their first trip to the SAC museum. It will be very meaningful for them to be able to experience this field trip! We are requesting $360 for bussing fees and $810 for admission and tour fees. In total we would like to ask for a donation of $1,170. Any contribution would be very helpful. Please help us reward our students for their hard work! 

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D F Dillon Foundation $1,000
D F Dillon Foundation $1,000