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4 Apr

About this Campaign

The Lincoln North Star Music Department is in need of your help to fund instrument for a NEW class being offered at school this year: World Drumming!

By expanding our multicultural music offerings, we can help recognize, celebrate, and preserve diverse cultural heritages and perspectives of our students. Drums and other percussion instruments are some of the most accessible instruments for all students to learn more about music and culture. While the instruments would be used in a World Drumming Class or Ensemble, they wouldn't be tied to just one class. At LNS, these instruments would be used by the choirs, bands, and percussion class to explore and perform music from different parts of the world. Requesting $6,100 plus cost reimbursement.

Your gifts will help us purchase a world drumming starter kit, which includes various drums, beaters, shakers, and other instruments used in West African and Afro-Cuban music groups. These drums are the first step to outfitting our class towards success. Thank you all for your contributions!