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25 Jul

About this Campaign

Your gift would help around 100 8th graders to READ, WRITE, THINK, SPEAK and LISTEN by providing opportunities to expand their reading and writing through classroom library books, reading/writing response journals and floor seating. 

As a teacher, (and within a Title I school) keeping my classroom library filled with current, high-demand titles is really important to me in terms of keeping kids engaged in reading and creating equitable access. The classroom library books would stay in my classroom and continue to benefit future students. Fund a Need has helped me in the past to expand my library to include more titles recommended by students that are diverse in characters, content, and genre -- including fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, and books in verse. I would love to continue that effort by expanding my library to reach more students through varied book choices as I have seen first had the power books have to engage students as learners. 

Teacher and Author Jeffrey Wilhelm wrote "You Gotta BE the Book: Teaching Engaged and Reflective Reading with Adolescents" -- his work inspires me to engage readers in not just reading, but being ACTIVE, engaged reader/thinker/speakers who experience the classroom standards and objectives with others in their classroom community. I believe your gift will help my students to BE the book. 

Thank you for your consideration in my proposal! Requesting $1,000 plus cost reimbursement.