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3 Mar

About this Campaign

We are looking to cover the costs of a field trip for our third graders.  As a Title I building, it is more challenging for us to collect donations from our families to cover costs.

Throughout this year in third grade, we have learned a lot about animal adaptations through our science and reading curriculum. We want to take our students to Chet Ager Nature Center at Pioneers Park to allow them to have a hands-on experience and apply the knowledge they gained about adaptations in a local Nebraskan setting.

In addition, our social studies curriculum covered how Lincoln has changed over time and allowed the students to take an on-line Haymarket tour. After taking the digital tour, we discovered a lot of our students have never been able to experience the Haymarket first-hand.  For this reason, we would also like to take them there to have a valuable experience of seeing the history of the area they learned about in class.

Then for an end-of-the-year treat,  we want to be able to provide our students with a scoop of ice cream from Ivanna Cone since a lot of our students have never been able to experience this local gem. Requesting $600 plus cost reimbursement.

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