62% Funded

Ended Thursday, December 31st, 2020 at 7:00 PM

Total Donation Goal $500,000 $307,697.86 Funded

This campaign has ended. If you made a donation, thank you.

13 Mar

About this Campaign

The specific challenges our students, teachers and schools will deal with because of the pandemic are extensive, especially for our most vulnerable children and families.

The Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools has created the LPS: COVID-19 Crisis Response campaign to support LPS students and families who are, or could soon be, in need of emergency funds as a result of COVID-19.

The Challenge
Families struggling with poverty could face the following:

CHILD CARE EXPENSES: Parents will be in the position of having to choose to leave their children home during the day unsupervised or pay for childcare they had not planned for, nor can afford.

LOSS OF INCOME: Parents that lose shifts or whole paychecks because the option to work is no longer available will not be able to make ends meet. Paying rent and basic utility bills will be a significant struggle.

MEDICAL EXPENSES: Families that contract the virus will have unforeseen medical bills.

FOOD INSECURITY: Families that rely on free and reduced lunches to supplement their limited budget, won’t have the money to stock up on food.

Your donation will support families struggling with:
• Childcare
• Medical Costs
• Rent or Housing Costs 
• Food 
• Utilities
• Other emergencies as necessary

Your gift allows the Foundation to react quickly to student needs as they arise. 

Please donate today to help our most vulnerable students and families.

26 Mar

Update - Mar 26th, 2020 at 6:39PM

Donors, a quick update…

To all of you who have given, thank you. Right now, we are at 5% of our goal. We know $500,000 is a lot of money, but when it comes down to it, many LPS students and their families have already been affected.

We opened the online application for assistance last Thursday and within hours we had received 55 requests from parents with jobs lost or hours reduced. The number accelerated at a pace faster than we anticipated.

As of one week of being live, here’s where we stand:

Number of fund requests: 332
Amount requested: $288,251
Amount approved: $68,066 (38 requests)
Schools touched: 64

We have a lot of work ahead of us.

Our goal is to bridge the gap and be able to help students and their families in immediate crisis until a larger relief package is approved. In the meantime, here are two additional ways you can help:

#1. Sharing is caring. Help us spread the word. We’ve even included a message below to make it super easy. Bonus points for tagging friends!

I donated to support LPS students and their families at the greatest risk, join me in making a difference. Give today: http://bit.ly/lpscovid19crisis

#2. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Figuratively that is. Buy a shirt and Art FX will turn around and donate a portion back to us. Shop for good: https://bit.ly/lpstshirts

We couldn’t do it without you.

As one of the first to respond to donate to support LPS students and their families at the greatest risk to be affected by COVID-19, we thank you.

The entire Foundation for LPS team,
Wendy, Allison, Bailey, Cletia, Gary, Korena, Matt and Nia

Donation History

Anonymous $1,000
Anonymous $250
In Memory of
My late mother - Faieza Enoos
In Honor of
Katherine (Kate) Herres -Happy Birthday!
In Memory of
Cara Nickolaus
Mary Sue Atkins $200
Scott & Shelly Tolle $100
Duane and Janet Jaecks $200
Anonymous $500
Assurity Life Insurance $30,000
Acklie Charitable Foundation $25,000
Nelnet Foundation $15,000
Lee and Debbie Stuart Family Foundation $10,000
Rogers Foundation $10,000
Laura Saf $10,000
Karen Stelling $10,000
Cooper Foundatin $10,000
Sarah Kelen Kenneth Bloom $5,000
Pen-Link Ltd. $5,000