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26 Jun

About this Campaign

Hartley Elementary is a diverse Title I school with a wide range of learners.  With our building consisting of 25 percent English Language Learners and  22 percent Special Education students, teachers need a wide variety of books for our three classroom libraries.

Your gifts will help our second grade teachers buy new non-fiction books and a variety of leveled readers for students in our three classrooms. We want to purchase non-fiction books due to our students having a lack of background knowledge on many real-world topics. With our reading levels ranging from a kindergarten to fifth grade level, we want to give our students access to independent reading materials in our classrooms and provide them with appropriate texts at their own reading levels.

By providing our students with access to more books at their own reading levels, we will see progress in their reading abilities and increase in background knowledge. Requesting $1,000 plus cost reimbursement. Thank you for your consideration!