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Ended Thursday, June 24th, 2021 at 6:30 PM

Total Donation Goal $2,563 $2,563.29 Funded

This campaign has ended and has been fully funded. If you made a donation, thank you.

8 Jun

About this Campaign

LinksLIVE! from Lincoln High School is turning into KLHS -- the Lincoln High News Network. With this change in branding, it's important that student journalists have the opportunity to work in as real of a setting as possible with the news program, along with the other parts of creating a news program (script and copy writing, filming, post-editing, graphics, lighting, etc). 

Therefore, I am going to create a broadcast studio within the building. We have a room, Studio 310, which we currently use as our studio. In reality, it's a room with file cabinets, desks, tables, and left-over equipment from the journalism/news paper and yearbook. While this room is great, the existence of a studio within that room would be a great addition to what my students currently have -- and would help to make this experience more authentic. 

Your gifts will help procure the following: (clicking on each item will take you to the appropriate page on Amazon.com)

  1. back drops and curtains $35.95x4
  2. lighting and controls for the lighting $169.99x1 (multi-pack)
  3. portable carpeting to deaden the sound within the studio $103.94x1 (25 pack)
  4. an anchor desk $59.87x1
  5.  lapel microphones $199.95 x1 (2 pack)
  6.  headsets for the camera operator for sound purposes $34.99 x2
  7.  two anchor chairs $169.99 x1 (2 pack)
  8.  video camera x1 $1199.99x1

Total (with tax) from Amazon.com = $2,248.

While this is a lofty goal, your gifts to help us purchase any of thsee items -- from the curtain fabric to the camera -- are appreciated. In advance, we thank you for investing in the future of KLHS, the Lincoln High News Network.

17 Jun

Update - Jun 17th, 2021 at 2:47AM

Thank you to the generous donor who have $500 to this campaign! That money will be so helpful in creating this program for LHS students. I'm really excited to see what KLHS turns into this school year!

24 Jun

Update - Jun 24th, 2021 at 6:40PM

I cannot believe I'm typing this right now! It's June 24 and the campaign is fully funded! That is mind-boggling to me! 

While I completely intend on sending more personalized thank you messages - along with ones from the students when we get back to school in August - I wanted to take a quick moment to thank the two donors who made this possible, Travis Berry and Sara Larkins. 

Both of these people are very special to Lincoln High and to me - and I cannot put into words the thanks that I wish I could send them! LHS students are going to have a great time learning with new, and modern equipment how to do some amazing things!

I'll be including pictures on here as soon as we start getting items in and start building/putting together the KLHS Studio 310.

Again, Travis and Sara - from the bottom of my heart - Thank you!!! 

Donation History

Travis Berry $2,063
Sara Larkins $500
Travis Berry $2,063
Sara Larkins $500