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Ended Thursday, December 30th, 2021 at 3:47 PM

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This campaign has ended and has been fully funded. If you made a donation, thank you.

7 Dec

About this Campaign

KLHS - Lincoln High's News Network, is looking to become more professional, and more self-contained. We currently have an AMAZING setup, and we are grateful every day for the technology that we have! But looking to the future, we have many goals that we want to see through. One of those goals is to eventually broadcast/stream live. This will only be possible with some additional technology - namely a video switcher. With that comes the need for additional cameras to capture multiple camera angles during our broadcasts. With additional cameras, comes the need for equipment to house those cameras and an upgrade to lighting and sounds to be able to use that technology within our studio.

Below are the items that we are humbly requesting -- $2439.88 plus cost reimbursement. We know this is a big ask, but we also know that KLHS is going to be something huge - and we already are. But we are very much looking forward to rising to the challenge to become Lincoln High's News Network, and a leader in Broadcast Journalism in LPS and in Nebraska.

Items Requested (with links embedded to website)

  1. Video switcher $495.00 - A video switcher will give us the ability to use multiple camera angles within one broadcast. Students will get the opportunity to use broadcast switching technology to move from camera to camera, creating a job that is no longer "passive", but active. They'll need to prepare ahead of time, so that they're moving to the correct camera at the correct time. This will give them skills they can use in the field and in future employment if they move to broadcasting in the future. This will also give KLHS a new, more professional feel. We have great technology already, and would love to make this addition.
  2. Professional Camera Tripod $184.99 - With the addition of a new professional camera, a new high-performance tripod will be needed, one that can handle the weight of the camera and the teleprompter. This tripod will give us the opportunity to use multiple cameras at one time.
  3. Canon XA11 video camera $1189.95 - Creating multiple angles in a broadcast requires multiple cameras. We already have a Canon XA11 video camera in our studio, and having a second (and eventually a 3rd) will allow us to seamlessly broadcast from multiple angles in a single broadcast.
  4. Studio Lighting Kit $249.99 - The Current lighting in our studio leaves our episodes a little dark. Using professional videography lights to illuminate our set while shooting our broadcasts will give us a better final product.
  5. Wireless Omnidirectional Microphone $309.95 - The current audio system that we have often leave us sounding hollow. The sound can be muffled, and is often associated with some sound issues that cannot be fixed in post-production. Having a new, professional grade microphone kit would fix this problem completely for our broadcasts.

Donation History

Travis Berry $2,782
Travis Berry $2,782