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Ended Friday, September 2nd, 2022 at 7:14 PM

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14 Aug

About this Campaign

KLHS -- Lincoln HIgh's News Network is growing. We've gone from a class of three our first year to now 31 students enrolled in Semester 1 of KLHS this year, with a waitlist!

As we grow, our tools will need to be replaced and updated. One of the tools we need replaced soon is our anchor desk. The desk has served us well the past year, but unfortunately, due to the way it was used (which is not the way it was designed to be used), it hasn't lasted long. Parts of it are falling off -- and breaking. It's time to step up to a good quality desk, that we'll be able to use for years and years, and will look so very professional on our show on a daily basis. 

Requesting $1,088.00 plus cost reimbursement.

KLHS has quickly become part of our LHS culture and climate. KLHS is known for having up-to-date and correct information for students and staff alike. Maintaining this reputation is important for us -- our school and our students. It is for that reason that we are humbly asking for funding to replace our current anchor desk with a new, higher quality desk.

The desk shown above will be used backwards. The anchors would sit on the larger side, and the shorter side would face the camera. We would do some drilling through the front to allow for the LED lights that we have now to be attached to this desk, too, and we'd also affix our KLHS logo on the camera side of the desk.

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Travis Berry $1,240
Travis Berry $1,240